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Today I spoiled myself BIG time. When I shop it is usually for my kids, or gifts for family. Well, today I shopped for myself. I received a fantastic email in my inbox that I could not resist, and with $30 cash showing up in my mailbox not too long ago, I knew it was time to spoil myself a bit.


This morning my husband dropped me off at a local mall with my two little ones. The mall did not open until 10 a.m., so we went to Target to buy some pacifiers on sale first, and then we walked around the mall for a while.

When New York & Company opened, I was ready to shop. I absolutely love New York & Company, but shopping there is usually a luxury I cannot afford. Last time I shopped at the store was two years ago, when I bought two pairs of shorts. A few weeks ago I just ripped one of them in the middle of the fabric, and an attempt to sew them just turned into a bigger rip. They were my favorite shorts, and I’ll admit that they have been worn a lot, and I have probably abused them with the constant washing/drying.


This is what I got:

Slash Shoulder Sleeveless Top in dark turquoise reg. price $16.95 on sale for $7.99 Slash Shoulder Sleeveless Top in black reg. price $16.95 on sale for $7.99 City Shorts in black reg. price $29.99

City shorts in shark skin reg. price on (buy one get one half sale) for $15


The total came to $60.97


I used the $20 off a $60 purchase coupon and the total came to $40.97 plus tax.

I used my $30 survey money, and I only had to take $10 out of my household budget.


While I spent a lot more on the clothes than usual, I did manage to save a total of $53.



I’m so excited to finally have some new clothes that is comfy, but not too casual, and it I love the sleeve part of the shirts. In the summer I usually only wear tank tops, but this is a little less casual yet still comfortable.

When was the last time you spoiled yourself with a shopping spree….for yourself?


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