Sports an American Illness

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Competitive sports in this country have become a monster behemoth in the last 30 years or so. They are a multibillion dollar industry consuming billions of peoples hard earned dollars. Americans have been trained since youth to use them like a drug.

In early childhood children are taught to beat their peers in games of competition. They are indoctrinated in commercial sports to become a slave of it industry. Soccer, football, baseball are pushed on many kids. Other young children are taught that its fun and they are better than other kids if they can perform to the rules and rituals of this cult like craze.

Children who are not interested are chastised and shunned as if they were lepers.

Other than the great some of money involved, billions of hours of human time and experience are wasted on such trivial things. Many are ostracized if they don’t join in with the cult like behavior of competitive sports brainwashed minions, For a man in this country to be uninterested in sports, he is automatically assumed by many be inferior or defective. Its been heard more than once “he must be gay, he don’t like sports!”

Women have had to feign interest in competitive sports to gain acceptance from males or to fit into groups. Many have succumbed by the brainwashing in the process. Many others have been forced into to gain acceptance from their fathers.

Children in school are often times treated cruelly because they have no interest in competitive sports. Ones who lack the physical attributes to compete, are shunned and made fun of, as if they had some social disease. In High Schools throughout the country, a child who is not into competitive sports is given no other place to fit in. They become the bad kids many times just because they are taught to feel inferior or defective. In order to assert themselves and feel important, some resort to pretty drastic behavior like the kids who did the killing at Columbine. Competitive sports teach indifference to others,  and mob behavior. A lot of your school bullies come from the ranks of sport obsessive families.

Many believe the ruthless behavior of the business world is derived from sport culture.

In training and motivating its obvious with all the reference to business and competitive sports. A lot of men are not hired, if they don’t demonstrate an interest in sports. Even at work people are ostracized and shunned for not liking competitive sports. Competitive sports have become so ingrained in our society it divides people much like drug use, politics and religion.

In the early days of history, competitive sport was used to brainwash people into preparedness to go to war. It really all started as a device to train for war. War and killing are at the very core of competitive sports. So is it no wonder, that competitive sports can be such a destructive thing?

This has destroyed families, people have been made drug addicts from their participation and the desire to fulfill the mind set which comes from it. Fathers have used it to ignore their kids and avoid their responsibilities. Nowadays there are mothers who do the same thing. It has become of drug of its own. A drug to numb emotions, to avoid reality and to shun responsibility. I know of many people who can recall needing the attention of a parent, only to be denied because a game was on. You mix the drug alcohol with it and it can become an abusive tool.

But billions are made with it, from the sale of food to booze and decorations and trappings. I just shudder to think of all the positive things that money could be spent on. Marx once wrongly said that religion was the “opiate of the masses” but I think truly today in America, competitive sports have, in fact, become just that. IS this just another thing which has degraded American to such a pitiful mess?

I know I am going to get trashed for this post… just as I have stated above, it’s almost a sin in this country to speak out against competitive sports. But go ahead and prove me right or wrong. Give it your best shot, but try to see that there are two sides to this issue.

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