Sportsmen on Spotlight: Brian Mandeville, Tom Renney and Sage Rosenfels

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Today, it is quite intriguing that three sportsmen Brian Mandeville, Tom Renney and Sage Rosenfels have been the top three most sought-after names in search engines. These guys have all etched their names in the field of football and hockey. Why are people searching for their names?

First up is Brian Mandeville. It is quite unfortunate news that BrianÂ’s heart condition had prompted the NFL officials not to include him in their draft. Actually, it is for his sake that he was excluded but his fans became distraught hearing the news that their idol cannot play professional football again. On the other hand, Tom Renney is a football coach was fired to head the New York Rangers because the NY Rangers management believed that it is a great move to salvage a five season losing streak in hockey. Overwhelmingly, nobody contested RenneyÂ’s firing because people believed he can do not much to improve the RangersÂ’ playing advantage.

Lastly, Sage Rosenfels is a famous quarterback who played for Houtston in NFL. Yet, news had been surrounding him that Sage will play now for Minnesota Vikings. Many sports fan are waiting to confirm this development in RosenfelsÂ’ career.

There you have it! These are the three sportsmen who are most talked about in the sports world.

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