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On HLN today they were talking about the drought in Tx. They mentioned that even animals are abandoning their nests. They showed a woman who had rescued a baby squirrel too. Wonder if the momma squirrel knocked her nest down on purpose. Either way, we have adopted triplet squirrels.

We are feeding them puppy formula every 3 hours.  The little girl has to have 1 brother with her at all times.  If she is separated, she starts whining and squealing.  She is always on top of her 2 brothers and has her arms and legs wrapped around them.

They won’t have their eyes open for a few more weeks.  They still don’t have hair yet either.  After they open their eyes, we are going to build a pen in the back for them, so they can learn to build nests and try to go back to wild life as normally as they can. 

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