St. Lucia and The Bachelor-Then there were two

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So wow! Does anyone else get the feeling that Jake might not choose any girl from the previews of what’s to come of the conclusion of this season on The Bachelor?

I have to say the feelings and opinions I had of Jake earlier on, like the first maybe two episodes were a lot higher than now. I just feel that Jake is very boring and sometimes kind of a schmuck! I just don’t think he really knows what he wants. In the beginning he arrives in St. Lucia and has a date with Gia. They venture to Pidgeon Island Market because Jake was trying to put Gia to the test and see if she could be down to earth and enjoy the simple things of life. I think she accomplished that and she did really well. I feel that she did take a leap towards the latest episodes and has put herself out there. They looked cute together. He seemed to really enjoy her company.

His next date in St. Lucia was with Tenley. They do look adorable together: like they belong together, however I don’t feel deep chemistry between the two. I feel like he admires Tenley and her struggle to overcome heart ache and move on, and I feel his admiration clouds everything else. I don’t know if he knows what love really is: that could be clear just based on him doing the show, but I say that more because he seems or says he is falling in love with all the remaining girls. The one thing that I do like is that he kept Tenley, despite her reluctance of the night in the fantasy suite. I know that last time a girl had mentioned that she wanted to wait til marriage he eliminated her. I was surprised that Tenley acquiesced to Jake’s request to spend the night. It was a big step for her and a smart move, as far as the game goes!

Ofcourse saving the best for last, (I feel that Vienna is the best as in reference to her infamy on the show with the other girls, and also Jake seems to really like and favor her, for all the reasons the other girls hate her), he dates Vienna. He takes her on a romantic and adventurous, pirate-themed date on a ship that was used in the Pirates of the Caribbean motion picture featuring Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley, and Orlando Bloom. There date was very uh…affectionate. There was alot of making out, touching, hugging, and flirtation. In the end she of course was eager to get to that fantasy suite! She came ready with lingerie as a surprise for Jake.

I really would have liked to have seen Gia stay, but he chose Tenley and Vienna, so as far as brunettes go, then there were none. It looks like it is the battle of the blondes now!

The funny quick twist of the show was the phone call from Allie, claiming to have made a huge mistake, regretting her choice to leave and pursue her career over her love of Jake, and wanting, actually wishing she could come back. It seems on her side, the absence made her heart grow fonder and her love increase. Jake on the other hand isn’t feeling Allie like he was a week ago. He was actually falling for her and, let’s face it, she blew it–big time! This is a big regret, but honestly if he could move on so fast then it probably wasn’t meant to be. She asked and kind of pleaded and reasoned with him, but he said it would not be a benefit to him if she returned. That was all she wrote. St. Lucia is not in the cards for her. It’s a bummer because they made a nice looking blonde couple as well.

What do you think we will see in the finale of the show?

Are you team Tenley or are you for Vienna?

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