St. Patrick Was Italian!

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St. Patrick was born around 432 AD and died around 461 AD.  He was Italian not Irish.  Story is that St. Patrick was kidnapped at age 16 from Rome and brought to Ireland as a slave. 

St. Patrick was a slave for about 6 years when he escaped and fled to Britain.  There in Britain, he belonged to the priesthood.  Being a priest, he felt led to return to Ireland and save the Irish from the Druids, or pagans.  St. Patrick died on March 17th, and that’s why we celebrate the day.

St. Patrick’s work with the Irish was not well received by the Druids and they gave him a hard time, but he is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland, and therefore, the Catholic Church sainted him.

So, all in all we should be eating pizza and not corned beef and cabbage, and we should be wearing fedoras and not shamrocks, but what the heck.  Paint the town green and let the Irish have their day, but for this Italian, it’s an Italian holiday because the food is better.

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