St. Thomas USVI Sunsets and Miscellaneous shots – Caribbean Princess Cruise

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These are the final photos from St. Thomas and our cruise.  St. Thomas was beautiful and we enjoyed our visit there.  St. Thomas is the capital of the island group and there was so much to do there.  We decided to take a scenic tour this time and I'm glad we did because the other time we were here we went to the beach and missed a lot of the scenes.  This was our last port of call.  I don't think I've reposted any photos but I apologize if I did.

 Looking at a small airport near the docks.

Pretty place on the side of the mountain as seen from the ship.

A castle we passed while on tour of the mountains.

This must be the front lawn of where the owner of the donkey from the last photo essay lives.  Looks like he had a back up donkey grazing in the yard.

Where we stopped to see some beautiful scenes of the islands.

Wild flowers that grow on the mountain.

Sight seeing tour bus.


The docks and what's around the dock area.

Cruise ship docked behind us.

View of the dock at sunset.

This was the same night that awesome full moon was out, so I got some pretty good photos of it.  This is right around sunset.

And some night shots.

And some sunset photos.

So that about wraps up our cruise on the Caribbean Princess in December 2008.  I hope you enjoyed the photos and learning more about these beautiful Islands.  I know I'll be putting up one more article with all the links to the videos and photo essays to make it convenient for anything you may have missed along the way.  I hope each of you get the opportunity one day to visit all or at least a few of the beautiful islands and I can't think of a better way to do it.  Cruising is wonderful and if you pick the right time of year for it the prices are wonderful.



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