Stacey Dash Divorces Husband: ‘Single Ladies’ Star’s 3rd Failed Marriage

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Clueless actress Stacey Dash divorced her husband over claims of domestic abuse. The former Single Ladies star ended her third marriage — this time to actor Emmanuel Xuereb.

It’s turning out that three is not a charm, at least not for Dash. But what actually led to the break up of her marriage to Xuereb? Here are the details according to USA Today:

Dash, 45, actually filed for divorce earlier this year in January. At that same time, she also petitioned an Orange Country judge in California to grant her a restraining order against her abusive husband.Stacey Dash

Based on the court’s filing, her husband hit the actress several times in the head, face, and body during their short-lived two years-and-change marriage. Shame on you, Mr. Xuereb, if this is true.

However, similar to many victims of domestic abuse, the former Playboy model was afraid to report the alleged violence.

Unfortunately, there are others just like Stacey Dash who are battered in silence. Many are just afraid of the uncertainties in being single all over again.

Fast forward hine months later to when a Los Angeles Superior Court judge made it official. As of last week, the Single Ladies actress is, well, single again.

The good news is that Stacey Dash did find the courage to leave and begin a new life with her two kids (from previous relationships).

Will she build up the courage and jump the broom (again)?

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