Stacey Dash: VH1 Smashing ‘Single Ladies’ Debut (Video)

Stacey Dash’s VH1 performance in Single Ladies places her alongside Lisa Raye McCoy and Charity Shea in a Sex and the City Atlanta-style début.

The Queen Latifah-produced scripted hour-long series explores the lives of three friends who view sex, money, relationships, and careers in totally different ways.

It’s a romantic-comedy that delves into the minds of women who are only the same in their approach to friendships.

And based on the drama that unfolds in their lives, it takes enduring friendships when men fail in the committment department.

You’ve seen it all before; men attract, men make promises, men lead on, men cheat, men make a dishonorable discharge, leaving a broken heart behind.

Stacey Dash’s VH1 performance is so riveting, so real, that at times it all seems so real, so close to home.

Who says women are all the same when it involves men, feelings, and heartbreak?

There is no one-size-fits-all in the hearts of felines; forget about it.

Hopefully, her character Val grows from the pitfalls in her life, and borrows some of the love only true friends can lend when the emotional storms roll in.

Single Ladies with Stacey Dash debuts on VH1 Sunday May 30. Check your local listings for times.

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