Stacy Francis, Perez Hilton and Adam Lambert Have Words Via Twitter

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While The X Factor contestant Stacy Francis won over many viewers on Tuesday night’s show, blogger Perez Hilton thinks she missed the mark and he wasn’t afraid to say it. Francis sang well enough to move on to the Top 12 Tuesday, but Simon Cowell criticized her styling and her mentor Nicole Scherzinger’s song choice. Francis defended the choices, saying that she aspires to be a pop star, and this is where Hilton got things cranking on Twitter.

The Hollywood Reporter has a great recap of the ensuing Twitter battle, where fellow reality TV singing star Adam Lambert jumped to the defense of Stacy Francis. Hilton posted, “@stacyfrancis You’re definitely talented and have a great voice, but, sadly, at 42 you’re too old to be the pop star you said you want to be.” Despite the fact that Francis has been under siege from a number of less-than-supportive tweets this week, she seemed willing to take the high road in her response. Stacy replied, “I guess @PerezHilton is not a fan.. too bad because I really like him.. guess I have to work harder.. wonder if I can win him over.”

A flurry of tweets among fans of both Stacy Francis and Perez Hilton erupted, and Hilton eventually posted, “Just cuz I’m nicer Perez doesn’t been I’m lobotomized or devoid of an opinion. I am a pop culture analyst and a critic. And I’m still SASSY!” At this point, American Idol winner Adam Lambert jumped into the mix, posting “@stacyfrancis yes but he would have said the same about Adele if rolling in the deep hadn’t blown up. She changed the game b/c of talent.” Hilton went on to post several links of where he has demonstrated his support of Adele, which has been the case for quite some time. He says he was just trying to help Francis out, but his words certainly hit a nerve with many.

Throughout the ordeal Stacy maintained her composure, eventually posting “OMG I was away frm twitter for the past couple of hrs and a war has ensued!” She added, “@adamlambert is defending my honor! Against @perezhilton.. whoa.” Would it have stung less had Perez Hilton not tagged her in his remarks? Was he just doing his job, or did he go a bit too far? What do you think of Adam Lambert’s remarks? What do you think of Stacy Francis and her aspirations on The X Factor?

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