Stacy Keibler’s Naked Photo: Wanna Women’s Butts Book on Your Coffee Table?

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DWTS Stacy Keibler’s naked photo is seen in Culo by Mazzucco’s new butt book. What exactly is a “butt book?” It is a “new 248-page coffee table book featuring backside-inspired photographs and art pieces by artist Raphael Mazzucco.

Guess what “culo” means. It means buttocks in Italian. Who knew?

The new Dancing with the Stars contestant is stripping it all down, after first turning down Playboy several times. Apparently, Keibler likes to pose naked in a more tasteful manner for Mazzucco.

Even though the image is provocative, Keibler’s naked photo is still classy, which is just the elegant actress’ style.

The photo comes out just in time for Keibler’s dancing votes on Dancing with the Stars. Will the beauty and seductive nature of the naked photo help her win votes on DWTS?

What do you think George Clooney thinks about Stacy Keibler’s naked picture being pasted all over the Internet and people’s coffee tables?

Keibler and Clooney recently began dating, and appears to really be enjoying themselves. Will it be a lasting celebrity love or short-lived, typical Hollyweird relationship? It appears to be growing increasingly difficult for celebrity couples to remain in long-term relationships.

Would you be interested in having Culo on your living room coffee table? Beware, if you have little ones. This book is not “G” rated!

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