Stacy Schuler: Was She Insane or Not During Sex with Students?

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Stacy Schuler, an ex-Mason High School gym teacher, was charged with sex crimes against five teenage boys, including some football players. But the Mason, Ohio woman has changed her plea to “not guilty by reason of insanity.”

Was Stacy Schuler, who faces 19 charges, insane during the crimes? At first she claimed the crimes never happened. Now, she says they did happen but she was “insane” during the acts. So was she sane during the rest of her life but “insane” during the crimes? Is it nothing more than a desperate attempt to avoid a prison sentence?

Because Stacy Schuler has changed her plea to “not guilty by reason of insanity,” she must be mentally evaluated. What are the chances the results will land in her favor? Professor Rita J. Simon, of Washington D.C.’s American University, says only 2 percent of suspects, since 2002, pursue the insanity defense and only 1/3 of them achieve an acquittal. In other words, Schuler may want to think about how she wants to decorate her jail cell.

Stacy Schuler, who is being electronically monitored while she is out of jail, is accused of 16 counts of sexual relations with boys and 3 counts of providing alcohol to minors. She faces up to five years in prison for the sex charges and up to six months in jail for each of the three alcohol charges.

Men are not the only ones to commit sex crimes against minors. Women are capable of the same thing. If Stacy Schuler is admitting she committed these crimes, on five separate occasions, and she is not found to be insane, contempt for her should be the same as if she were a man committing crimes against girls.

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