‘Stalker’ Taylor Swift Desperately Seeking Pregnancy with Conor Kennedy?

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Rumor has it that Taylor Swift just can’t wait to get pregnant by Conor Kennedy, so that she can become… well, a Kennedy. Duh. It seems the country sweetheart is convinced she was meant to be the new Jackie O. And she’s hatched a new plan to get Conor to dropout of school and elope with her to Las Vegas before the end of the year. Then, according to her wily calculations, she’ll be a Kennedy mom by August or September of 2013.

“Taylor has made up her mind that Conor is the man she was meant to marry,” revealed an insider. “She doesn’t want to wait any longer. Taylor has told him he can put off college for now and become a full-time dad.”

College? The Kennedy kid is just a junior at prestigious Deerfield Academy. And La Swift already has him dropping out of college, saying “I do,” and settling down to a life of changing diapers? Well… yes. It sure seems that way. According to the same inside sources, the couple went shopping for antiques on September 15, “with an eye towards marriage.”

“They were browsing for the kinds of things they’d like to put in their love nest,” opined the source. “Taylor’s absolutely obsessed with the idea of becoming a ‘Kennedy Wife’. It can’t happen soon enough.”

Yikes. Talk about being a fast worker. You go, Pearl Pureheart!

Of course, the question is: Has Pearl—er—Taylor really thought all this out carefully enough? Will Conor K. really trade Harvard or Yale for life as his wife’s number one groupie? It might be fun for a while, but in the long run, he’ll return to his family. And he might even try to take their child with him. Hopefully, it won’t come to that. Probably Conor will eventually come to his senses like La Swift’s other famous boyfriends and kick her to the curb. And hopefully, he’ll do that before he puts a ring on it and/or becomes a young dad.

As for Taylor Swift, you hang in there. There’s always another delusion—er—dream just around the corner. Plus, if worse comes to worst, and Conor does a John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, or Joe Jonas, think of the new song you could write.

Just saying.

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