Stand By Your Man ~ Book Review of ‘Dead Reckoning’ by Charlaine Harris

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We are at the cusp of a new season of ‘True Blood’ so as tradition dictates this past May Charlaine Harris released her latest Sookie Stackhouse novel, ‘Dead Reckoning’.  Oh Sookie, will you ever be able to waitress in peace?  Unlike previous books in this series that usually surrounded some sort of murder mystery (where Sookie became a supernatural Jessica Fletcher; a guest who seems to always attract death and mayhem whenever she is invited over for dinner) this time around there is a mystery but the story doesn’t revolve around a particular untimely death.  It is more of a continuation of the interesting universe Harris has created and I for one think the storyline is better for it.  God knows as a reader I miss Lafayette who met his maker earlier in the book series.


           Now that Eric and Sookie are married in a very vampire sense, she and her bloodsucking man are connected by a bond.  Politically, Louisiana is being controlled by the King of Nevada who is based in…well where do you think the vampire king of Nevada is based?  Hint, it isn’t Reno.  Eric remains a sheriff but the king’s main man is Victor who views Eric as a threat and as such attempts to go out of his way to force Eric’s hand in doing something that could end in permanent death for one of them.  This puts Sookie is in a precarious position in that she is under Eric’s protection which in the long run might not be in her best interests.


          As is the case with our favorite southern psychic, she has many men (supernaturals all) who would love to whisper sweet nothings into her ear.  One in particular is put back into play after being pulled off the market in the previous book.  Here’s a clue, he was suffering a bout with silver poisoning and was reunited with a vamp from his past in the last book.  They even get naked together, but I won’t explain why in this review.  BTW, she also finds another hunky naked man in her bed…it must be that bouncy blonde ponytail.


          Along with her assortment of vampire admirers, Harris devotes a lot of time to Sookie’s fairy relatives, which I think will play a major role in the next book.  Surprisingly for readers, one of the major mysteries about Sookie is finally revealed.


           Like all novels in the Sookie Stackhouse franchise, I enjoyed ‘Dead Reckoning’.  It isn’t necessarily a book that is to die for, but overall it makes for a fun summer read.  If you can hold out I think a better investment is either getting the novel in paperback, from a library, or even in e-book form.


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