Star Craft II Reviews Show Universal Acclaim

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With reviews starting to trickle in it looks like Star Craft II is a hit. Reviews for the game released Tuesday at midnight were slow to pour in due to a review embargo. Blizzard had decided to wait before letting the top reporters in the gaming industry play. Allowing them to play with their fellow fans. Joystiq and the A.V Club both gave the game high marks. On the Metacritic website the game holds a score of 97.

Why is the game getting such high marks? Joystiq explains, “Blizzard didn’t change Starcraft, because Starcraft didn’t need changing.” While at first glance it may seem a simply remake with shiny new graphics many gamers are appreciating the new special effects. As well as the highly customizable options for single players and a set of missions that are strung together seamlessly to immerse you in the story. And real-time cooperative combat on Blizzard’s well know servers. You can read more of Joystiq’s review; they give the game a score of 5 stars.

This looks like another hit for Blizzard. It seems this company has MMORPG locked down as a specialty. They own the two biggest Warcraft and Starcraft. They even hold their own con every year. Have you attended? This year Blizzcon will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center. By June 5th all tickets had been sold!The convention will take place in October.

Did you get a copy of Starcraft II? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

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