Star Escapes Milky Way as Hubble Records

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A super-hot star escapes the Milky Way. Scientists were able to see this blue star make a break for it using the Hubble Space Telescope. The star is traveling at 1.6 million mph. Wow! That is three times faster than the sun travels in the Milky Way.

The hypervelocity star called HE 0437-5439 is a triple-star system survivor. They system went through the Milky Way galaxy’s center about 100 million years ago. Apparently the 3 star system got too close to the black hole. One of the stars went into the black hole, and the other two were flung into the Milky Way, merging together forming the super-hot, blue star we see now, which is one of the fastest stars ever found.

Scientists hope to see the shape of dark matter surrounding the Milky Way through tracking this star and others like it. They are working on figuring out the origins of three other massive ‘B’ stars. The Hubble is excellent in helping figure these issues out. This study was in the July 20 “The Astrophysical Journal Letters.”

These things are fascinating. It is amazing that astronomers are able to figure out things like this using telescopes like the Hubble and astrophysics.

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