STAR Magazine Disgusting For Using Graphic Photos Of Angelina Jolie

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STAR magazine is touting eight explicit photos of Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, sold to them by an old drug buddy of Brad Pitt’s significant other. The disturbing photos depict Angelina in a variety of lewd and strange situations. In one she’s wearing a dog collar with black tape over certain unmentionable body parts. Other photos show Angelina in a 14 hour heroin smoking binge.

The question is not really what Angelina did in her past – we all know she had a few wild years, but she’s changed now – No, the real question is why would STAR magazine stoop to such a low level just to sell magazines? Buying pictures off of a reputed druggie who will probably only go out and use the money for no good? Why would they want to dredge up the past and expose Angelina’s children to images of their mother when she was at her lowest point? It’s almost as if STAR wants to break up Angelina and Brad – of course, that would be the best thing ever for them - it would sell more magazines!

The headline on the cover is “Angie and Brad : the photos that will tear them apart!” As if that’s the best thing in the world. The cover of this issue is screaming out “Hey, we’ve finally found a sure-fire way to break up this star couple! If all of our previous lies haven’t worked – these photos will do the trick!” What a disgrace.

It’s just absolutely horrible that a tabloid would put these photos in their magazine when they know that they have the potential to ruin the life of not only Angelina but her children, her realtionship with Brad and her career. It’s disgusting and deliberate but one thing is for sure : STAR will not be coming into this house ever again, because they are nothing more than a bunch of low-life idiots looking to make a quick buck on the pain and drama of someone else’s life. Who needs to see that? Not me. If you feel the need to see it, here is a preview of the cover that will hit news stands this week.

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