Star Mix-The “Hulk-Ster” Hogan Out of Hospital-“Home Improvement” Tim Allen Back-Getting Married

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Great news for entertainment:  Hulk Hogan is out of the hospital, and “Home Improvement’s” Tim Allen is back on television.  Will the next piece of good news be that Hulk Hogan is married?  Stay tuned for that.

First in the line up: Hulk Hogan, 57, aka Terry Bollea.  The “Hulkster” who checked into a Florida hospital, Monday, after he complained of excruciating back pain, has been discharged, according to TMZ.  He wanted nothing more than to be out of the hospital, but while there, he sent a series of twitpics to his fans.

Hulk Hogan said that while he was collecting sea-shells, he must have aggravated wounds from previous back surgeries.  He was treated over the course of several days, and released out of the hospital.  If only Hulk Hogan were married, he would be at home instead of collecting seas shells

He is confined to bed rest.  Tim Allen is not back yet, but maybe he could pop in some old VHS tapes of the mega-funny man.

Now, that Hulk Hogan is out of the hospital, he plans to marry his finance, Jennifer Mcdaniel, who he says is his “rock” and “the one”.  Imagine that?  Hulk Hogan married?

Next in our lineup: Tim Allen is back on television.  This fall in September, loyal fans of the “Home Improvement” star can expect to see him, but not in his former tool-bag role.

According to CNN, a number of networks and roles have been thrown at Tim Allen for his huge come-back on network television.  Allen says that he is willing to return if the “right role” comes along.  The world really wants Tim Allen back.

Allen is alleged to be meeting with a number of writers and notable producers.  Does the name Greg Daniels and the series, “The Office” ring a bell?  This is heavy stuff for Tim Allen who is sure to be back on television around September 20, the beginning of the fall season.

Tim Allen, the former 90’s sensation is back, for all practical purposes.  We are not mad at him at all for getting off the unemployment line.  During his heyday, he commanded the airwaves with huge chunks of cash, to boot.

Now that Tim Allen is back, the networks better be prepared to pay.  Now that Hulk Hogan is out of the hospital, perhaps, the two of them can partner up on a series, brutha!

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