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On the Star Ship Enterprise

The crew is getting older

Scene by scene, you notice

Age is getting bolder


Now Captain Kirk, once debonair

Begins to get a paunch

Every time they strap him in

They need more seat belt length to launch

He doesn’t seem to notice

Not even that his hair is thinning

He had such a great blond crop

When Star Trek was beginning

Spock, his sidekick, half earthling, half Vulcan

With the exotic  pointy ears

Is becoming more humanized

He’s beginning to have tears

The reason for his discontent

Is that his ears, so famous in history

Are beginning to fold over

Giving him hearing misery

Now they both have bigger seats

For each has gathered girth

It takes more fuel to do the launch

Will they ever get back to Earth

Of course all the other characters

Have aged as well, but brains remain in tact

That is what they are counting on

To bring the Star Ship back

The galaxy has quieted down

No nearly so many wars

For all the enemies are also aging

Too tired to keep scores

It’s sad to see this development

To Spock it does not compute

Captain Kirk is quite upset

In the mirror he’s not as cute

All have accumulated wives and children

The Star Ship Enterprise is almost full

For no one has been able to depart

So much more weight through space to pull

Alas I think this may be the last episode

The stage hands, director, photographers are tired

The audience is growing smaller by the older crowd

But growing up, new Trekkies are inspired

So perhaps Captain Kirk and his sidekick Spock

Will have cosmetic surgery,  no less

They’ll get new actors to go along with them

I like this outcome the best


Challenge: Write a fan fiction story. Take any movie, book, or TV program and put the characters in some new situation.

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Good Writing!.

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