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This week for SatWe, we’re suppose to write some fanfiction.  Believe it or not, I got started submitting my writing to editors and publishers through fan fiction.  Pocket books capitalized on star trek fans and started an anthology for fan fiction, Strange New Worlds.  The first one was published in 1998 and it ran for 10 years.


I remember purchasing the first anthology.  I enjoyed reading all the stories and couldn’t believe they were written by fans who had no previous published stories.  I could never write stories that good.


Fast forward 5 years and I found an Imzadi webgroup where Star Trek fans shared their Imzadi fiction.  One of the members mentioned an online writer’s group for those interested in sending stories to Strange New Worlds.  I joined the group since I already sent my first story to the anthology the previous year.  Wow one of the first authors to get in the Strange New Worlds anthology was a member of the group.  Yes I was a little awestruck at first.


I sent stories off to the anthology the last 5 years it ran.  I never made it in.  The first two years I bombed.  But the last three years, with the help from other writers critiquing my work, my stories made it to the second read pile – very encouraging.  And in 2002 as I was working on stories for Strange New Worlds for a second year, I sent off a little creative nonfiction piece, “Carousel” to an anthology, Forget Me Knots… from the Front Porch.  The editor liked the story and in early 2003 I saw my first print byline.


Needless to say, I’m a fan of fan fiction.  If you would like to read my Imzadi pieces, you may find them here.  They are listed in alphabetical order so some are better than others.  I cringe when I click on one of my earlier pieces.  But without the practice one cannot call herself a writer.  And my poem, “Seven Years”, is my fifth publication to date.

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Hosking is a wife, mother and writer. She sold her first story in 2003. "Carousel" was published in Forget Me Knots... from the Front Porch (Obadiah Press). It was reprinted in IDEALS Mother's Day (Guidepost 2008).Hosking worked as a staff writer

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