‘Star Trek’ Tech to Help Save Lives

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Gene Roddenberry’s TV show Star Trek has entertained millions, been made into hit films, books, video games, and most recently was retold in the JJ Abram’s 2009 blockbuster movie. Now, Trek-like tech promises to help save human lives by making evacuations quicker and safer.

Government Technology reports the Lightstep System can calculate the safest evacuation route in an emergency, and guide people with LED panels. The system lights up large green arrows and red Xs, to make the often chaotic environment of say the evacuation of a building on fire more accessible and clear.

Kieran Patterson, executive chairman of Lightstep Technologies, the company which created the system says:

The system has a series of intelligent sensors that we developed that will take into consideration changes in the environment in milliseconds. If a [person] in any building is in a situation where they need to get out in a hurry, the system will analyze it and redirect that person to a safe environment.

Not only can the Lightstep System be employed in building fires, but can provide a safer path in case of mudslides, earthquakes, and more. It can even be mobile and be used with radio frequency ID tag technology in areas like an underground mine.

Star Trek: The Next Generation fans will recall that in the Emmy Award winning TV show, the crew would routinely find locations on Captain Picard’s massive spaceship—or even each another—by asking the computer to find something or someone. The Enterprise’s corridor panels would then “light up” with pulsing dots and clearly point the way to the searcher’s goal. Star Trek tech delights viewers, now a real life version may save lives.

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