Star Trek’s Sexy Femme Fatales Made Men Suffer

One thing the Star Trek franchise always enjoyed was plenty of sexy, smart women. Here are some of the television show and movies’ sexist femme fatales.

In the episode “Whom Gods Destroy”, Yvonne Craig attempted to seduce and lure Kirk and Spick with her beautiful green color, her luscious curves and her alluring dance moves. While Spock remained unmoved, much to Marta’s dismay, Kirk openly ogled barely able to contain himself. Score one for the women.

Actress Persis Khambatta appeared bald in the franchise’s first motion picture. However, hair wasn’t necessary for Ilia anyway. She oozed sex from every pore with her big eyes, pouting mouth and stunning figure. Oddly, there was also a scientific mind inside the well-made package. That made her even sexier.

Famke Janssen brought her own kind of allure to the episode “The Perfect Mate” on Next Generation. Her character, Kamala, could change into anything her man wanted. However, Kamala also had a quick wit and an even quicker mind. She did something others before had failed to do. She made Captain Picard fall in love. Too bad she’d been promised to another and her morality wouldn’t allow her to back out of the contract.

Kirstie Alley made a great Vulcan in the popular movie Wrath of Khan. As Saavik, Alley played to her character’s sharp mind and endless logic, not her stunning beauty. Somehow, that made her even more alluring. Plus, there weren’t many women who’d dare to go toe to toe with both Spock and Kirk. Saavik did just that and sometimes even came out on top.

Fans got treated to a glimpse of Spock’s Vulcan life in the episode “Amok Time”. They met the woman promised as the first officer’s wife, T’Pring. She was beautiful and smart. However, she was also deadly. She didn’t love the Enterprise’s first officer. So, she used her quick mind to try to void the marriage contract. Her methods were nearly lethal.

Sherry Jackson caused trouble in an early Star Trek episode, “What Little Girls Are Made Of”. Although she was an android, she didn’t look the part. Her skimpy little costume showed plenty of skin but also highlighted Jackson’s best assets.

There were many copies of Lee Meriwether as Losira in the original show’s episode “That Which Survives” and all of them were beautiful as well as deadly. The former Miss America proved she could command presence on the small screen. She also got Captain James T. Kirk’s undivided attention.

Although not everyone would agree, Susan Oliver’s multi-character performance in the “The Menagerie” proved difficult to dismiss. She became different women to seduce another Enterprise captain—Christopher Pike. It worked for a while but she couldn’t keep Pike by her side. When he found how bad his injuries were, he still chose the allure of space over love.

One doesn’t automatically think of the Borg as being sexy. But then no Borg before Seven of Nine looked like Jeri Ryan. Although her character couldn’t show much emotion in the early days of Voyager, Ryan still managed to say it all with her eyes, her mouth and the way she carried herself. Of course her figure in that skin-tight cat suit said a lot too, like “you can look, but don’t touch”.

The one thing the franchise never needed was more beautiful women. They seemed to naturally gravitate toward the cerebral science fiction world all on their own.

Who was your favorite femme fatale? Sound off below.

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