‘Star Wars 7′ Director to be Named Soon: 3 Guys Being Considered?

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Star Wars 7 movie news might start coming fast and furiously this month—Disney has already revealed that the director will be announced soon.

Unfortunately there’s no word on if “soon” means within the next few days or the next few weeks. Disney studio chairman Alan Horn just told Vulture that the news is coming, so geeks everywhere will soon know whether to be extremely worried or extremely elated.

Right now rumors have three directors in the running for the job—Jon Favreau, Matthew Vaughn, and David Fincher.

Jon Favreau is reportedly “panting after” the job, but that doesn’t mean that he’s a frontrunner. Favreau pleased the geeks with Iron Man, but his attempt at an extraterrestrial adventure didn’t fare so well—Cowboys & Aliens flopped. And who can forget that Favreau also directed Kristen Stewart and Josh Hutcherson in Zathura: A Space Adventure?

What Favreau does have is a sense of fun—his comedy Elf has become a Christmas classic, and Iron Man definitely has its fair share of humorous moments. David Fincher has a much darker sensibility, and he might be just a bit too serious for Star Wars 7. However, he’s come a long way since Alien 3, and he’s done dark comedy with Fight Club. The Social Network also had its laugh-out-loud moments, and he told an epic tale in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Still, Fincher just doesn’t seem to be a family-friendly director, and Disney is definitely going to market Star Wars: Episode 7 towards kids and adults alike (and hopefully another Jar Jar Binks isn’t used to accomplish this).

Matthew Vaughn just might be the frontrunner out of the three rumored options. His film Kick-Ass was a refreshing take on the superhero story, and he proved that he can handle bigger movies with more special effects when took on X-Men: First Class. He also did a decent job with the fantasy adventure Stardust.

Of course, it’s possible that each of these directors might end up helming a Star Wars movie since a trilogy is in the works, but who would you like to see bring Episode 7 to life?

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