‘Star Wars’ Episode 7 Movie Director Choices for 2015 Spoofed in New Video

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With news of a Star Wars Episode 7 movie scheduled to arrive in 2015, fans have been wondering who will be brought on board as director to try to keep the franchise going. A recent video spoof clip was released detailing some of the possible options Disney has to choose from and why they might not work out.

The video arrived at IGN.com just a few days ago, and after the news of Disney’s takeover of the Lucasfilm company. The spoof video spotlights a mock meeting where several big name directors are discussed as possibly taking over for George Lucas. First up is JJ Abrams who helped reboot Star Trek recently, followed by Christopher Nolan of The Dark Knight and Inception fame. Comedic director Kevin Smith is named, followed by the man behind Transformers and other movies with big explosions, Michael Bay. Don’t forget about Quentin Tarentino, who wouldn’t be a afraid to drop plenty of “F bombs” and gore in for his version of the film.

There are several other big directors named including Joss Whedon. Whedon recently assembled The Avengers for audiences on the big screen, bringing Marvel one of its biggest and most critically-acclaimed hits in years. Unfortunately, Whedon is a bit wrapped up with a sequel, among other projects. Still he could be one of the best choices for this franchise.

While most of the directors named probably wouldn’t fit, some make sense, including JJ Abrams and Whedon, who could infuse comedy along with a great story and action just like Avengers. Nonetheless, it’s going to be quite interesting to see who Disney and the franchise finally get to take over for Lucas, because this is an epic franchise, which deserves the best treatment possible if it’s going to have several more episodes in its story.

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