‘Star Wars’ Episode 7 Movie Rumors: Darth Vader Reborn for New Film?

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The latest “Star Wars” Episode 7 movie rumors indicate the possibility that one of the baddest villains in all the movie world (and galaxy) may make a return for the latest installment of the sci-fi series. Yes, Darth Vader himself may turn up in the latest film even though he was killed in “Return of the Jedi.”

Product DetailsIn the George Lucas “Star Wars” franchise, Darth Vader was the major villain for the original three movies, with his childhood and turn to the “Darkside” explored in the newer films. In the “Return of the Jedi” film, Vader suffered his demise as he saved his son, Luke Skywalker. According to Express.co.uk they have acquired info from an industry insider which indicates Lord Vader may rise up again to take part in the latest Disney edition of “Star Wars.” A source is quoted as saying:

“He’s an integral part of the franchise. Replacing him is virtually impossible. The plan is for him to return and play a significant role in the new films.”

This is all purely speculations and rumors at this point, as it originates from a tabloid, rather than any major Hollywood news source. It would probably upset plenty of die-hard fans of this legendary science fiction saga to see something like this happen in the newest sequel. There are clever ways in which they could bring him back, with someone else taking over as Lord Vader rather than having it be Anakin Skywalker, who died due to being electrified by the evil Emperor in “Jedi.” It could sort of be like those movies where someone else takes over for the serial killer/bad guy, like in “Saw.” Then again, “Star Wars” won’t want to take any cues on how to keep a franchise going from those films.

Whilt the latest rumors are just that, there are many fans who are purists that will probably want something else as the concept besides Vader getting brought back to life. Many fans will require a brand new main villain to take over in the seventh, eight and ninth films. However, as IGN.com points out, Darth Vader is also a major marketing powerbroker when it comes to merchandise and the movies. Having him re-appear in the film could help to really grab the attention of movie goers who want to see exactly what his new role incorporates. Still, it seems the “Star Wars” name on its own is usually enough to pack movie goers into the seats, whether Darth Vader or Jar Jar Binks is the main villain.

“Star Wars” and movie fans, do you think bringing Darth Vader back for Episode VII makes sense, or should they leave him dead?

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