Starbucks Boycotts Campaign Donations

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Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has pledged to boycott all political donations in the wake of America’s debt crisis. He feels an adequate solution did not happen between Congress and the president and he is refusing to support any political candidate or party until a long-term debt and deficit plan can be agreed upon. After making his pledge, Schultz began receiving thousands of calls supporting his action.

Howard Schultz’s move sparked action across the country. In a wave that may finally motivate politicians to get finally serious about our finances, over 100 business executives have followed in Schultz’s footsteps including CEOs of JC Penny, AOL, Whole Foods, and NYSE. After realizing the difference he had already made, Schultz launched, a website that encourages business leaders and any concerned Americans to take the pledge with him.

On August 15, 2011, Schultz wrote a letter to his fellow Americans (which can be found at ) explaining his perspective on the debt and deficit crisis. In his letter, he not only urges citizens to join his pledge, but he also encourages those with the ability to do so to create as many jobs as they can; he eloquently put into words what the rest of America has been thinking:

“We do this because we want to set in motion an upward spiral of confidence. We are not waiting for the government to create an incentive program or a stimulus. We are not waiting for economic indicators to tell us it’s safe to act. We are hiring more people now.”

It is about time the real leaders in this country took a stand against the name calling, selfishness, and filth currently consuming Washinton, D.C. America is blessed to have leaders such as Harold Schultz. As Harold said in his letter, “Our country is better than this. Let’s get things moving now.”

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