Starbucks Busy Month: Mobile App, New Logo, New “Trenta” Size

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Starbucks has decided to roll out their Starbucks Card mobile app for iPhone, iPod touch, and various BlackBerry models nationwide.  The app will allow all you coffee lovers the ability to hold up a bar-code on the screen to an in-store scanner, and purchase your delicious caffeine filled cup of java.  All this, without ever having to pocket your phone while fumbling with your wallet to get your loot!

An article at states the new app will allow users to set up an account that will allow funding to a virtual Starbucks Card.  Once a bar-code in the app is scanned the funds will be deducted from the user’s account, thus completing their caffeinated purchase.

Seriously, what will they think of next? Starbucks has opened doors for retailers everywhere! Eventually, we will all go grocery shopping with our smartphone’s in hand, scan a bar-code, and walk to the front of the store to collect our already paid for purchases on our way out.

Starbucks has definitely had quite a bit going on lately!  According to an article at, at the beginning of January the company unveiled its new logo which seems to be missing a few words.  Additionally, the new Trenta-sized beverage was released in 17 states on January 18th, giving all the coffee addicted Americans an even bigger hope at grasping that caffeine fix.

An additional post at reports that the Trenta is a full 31 ounces of sugar filled, creamy coffee goodness.  Somewhere, Paris Hilton is bowing to the coffee gods for making her dream come true!

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