Starbucks Jobs Plan Includes $5 Donation From Customers ‘Jobs for USA’

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Starbucks has created a jobs plan. The coffee company wants to help lower the cost of unemployment by getting each customer to donate $5. The new program is called “Jobs for USA,” and will begin on November 1.

Starbucks Jobs Plan Includes $5 Donation From Customers 'Jobs for USA'Is Starbucks running for president in 2012? Probably not, but the company seems to think that they have a great plan for helping reduce unemployment in the United States. The plan consists of the Seattle-based company in collaboration with Opportunity Finance Network to help fund small business loans or community loans.

As for your $5? Every bit of it will go straight to helping create jobs and reducing unemployment. Also, in exchange for your donation, you will receive an “Indivisible” bracelet that is red, white and blue.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has really been behind trying to help make sure the economy turns around. In addition to this $5 donation plan, the company is also hiring about 200 people each week to help remodel and open new locations.

It is amazing that this company is doing so much to help. Perhaps if individuals and companies all did something like this, the problem would be solved. One thing is certain, the government certainly is not getting anything done. Perhaps it is up to the people. Will you donate $5?

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