STARRS PS1 Asteroid Discovery a Near-Earth Object Record

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Scientists have made a record asteroid discovery. On the night of January 29, the Pan-STARRS PS1 telescope in Haleakala, Maui was used to discover a record 19 near-Earth asteroids. Is Earth in any danger from these hurtling space rocks?

It doesnÂ’t seem as if they pose any immediate threat to the planet. What is does show is that the PS1 is the worldÂ’s most powerful telescope for studying near-Earth Asteroids. It will be a useful tool for helping protect the third rock from the sun from a major impact. Apparently the threat from these objects is something that both NASA and the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory are taking quite seriously. This should help citizens of the world sleep more soundly at night.

Because of the wide-spread snowstorms in the U.S. during the time that the record number of asteroids was discovered, the scientists working on the PS1 telescope had to scramble because other observatories were closed, so very few people were able to help confirm the near-Earth asteroid discovery. Eventually even the PS1 was affected by snow, but thankfully other telescopes around the world were able to help confirm the teamÂ’s discovery.

Are you comforted to know that there are teams of people scanning the sky for near-Earth asteroids? Do you think that the planet will ever face a serious impact possibility?

STARRS PS1 Asteroid Discovery a Near-Earth Object Record

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