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He remembers his father
Putting his faith in the
Stars and stripes and facile
Democracy of the U S of A.

Nothing more to say, Bill
Says, lighting up a cigarette,
Inhaling a slow pull, wanting
To forget. He only saw the

Surface glow and the words
And promises made and the
Patriotism of a dead age. Bill
Exhales, picks up the short

Report, the name, the place,
The how, the when and the
Whole darn killing process
Begins again. All for a good

Cause, they’ll imply, national
Security, safeguard of the status
Quo, and so on and so so, you
Know. His father never saw this

Side of things: the shit beneath
The plough, the fucking up of
Lives and minds, the loading
Of lies, the subtle silencing,

The fake suicides. Bill puts
Down the report and inhales
The nicotine, the smoke, the
Sense of relief, no sense of

Remorse or guilt or grief.
Mother he misses for her
Love and goodnight kisses
And her gentle way and her

Simple beliefs and things
She’d say. Gone now into
The great dark other. Sleep
Well, goodnight Mother.

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