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There is a star out there for all of us individually’

what we need to figure out’

is which one belongs to you’ and me..

 Looking for that diamond’ in the rough’

Or that needle in the haystack’ kind of stuff…

Maybe our wishes would come true’ 

If we truely knew…

maybe that star’ is our one chance’

to make our hopes and dreams dance..

So when we send our prayers up above’

we found that star of trust and love.

Those are the prayers that get answered’

we found the star that connects us straight to his mansion..

There has been many stary nights’

this is our chance to make things right.

There is nothing to this theory’

I have no facts to back this up’

just one more reason to get on our knees’

And pray to god when we feel the need.

It can’t hurt’ that is for sure’

go out side and look at the dark sky’

and you might find that star is the twinkle’

in your eye..  By: Kay Garrod

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