Starved Super Skinny Kate Middleton Collapses

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Kate Middleton collapsed at the end of her North American tour and was ordered to get immediate bed rest . The possibly anorexic princess, who has been described as “scary skinny” and who reportedly wears a perfect size 0, has the royal family worried about her health because she’s lost too much weight.

An old saying states, “You can never be too thin or too rich.” The former is certainly true, but Kate Middleton may have almost achieved the latter. Kate’s family and royal watchers in general fear that her starvation diet may ruin her ability to conceive and bear a royal heir. Nicholas Da­vies, an old friend of the late Princess Diana, described the Duchess of Cambridge’s situation thus:

Kate is totally exhausted. She has been living in a constant pressure cooker since she got engaged to William last November. Behind the radiant smiles that capti­vated Hollywood, Kate was suffering. And now she has lost far too much weight.

Part of the problem is that, as a born royal, Prince William was unfazed by the rigorous 11-day North American tour schedule. Kate found it gruelling. Upon their return, William immediately returned to his activities as a helicopter pilot. Kate’s official engagements were cancelled so she could get some much-needed rest.

Davies explained:

Kate never expected royal duties to prove so stressful and exhausting. William supported her as best he could, but he wasn’t surprised when they returned home and she just collapsed from the exhaustion.

To make matters even worse, Kate Middleton has been starving herself to maintain her supermodel, svelte royal image. And to fit into all those chic designer clothes.

“Kate’s got to relax and start eating properly because her next royal duty is to produce a son and heir,” declared another source.

Another old saying warns, “Be careful what you wish for. You may get it.”

Perhaps Kate Middleton’s current situation is, much like her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana’s, an example of why fairy tales end with the prince and the heroine’s wedding? They never show what happens afterward.

Just saying.

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