Starving (Monday Writing Essential – June 11, 2012: Do-Gooders)

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This week’s writing challenge: slam those smug, annoying people who bully us with their goodness.


Sure, Greg, like I’m going to do that.????


The poor girl was lost.  Every night and waking moment she looked for good deeds to do.  This was the food that sustained her and she was starving.  She could find no good deed to do.

The little old lady smacked her with her purse when she was helping the little old lady across the street and said, “You young whippersnapper!  If you try to rob me again, I’ll get my gun out and shoot you.”  The poor girl believed the little old lady because she could already feel the bruise developing above her right eye.

A motorized cart flipped over and pinned an old man under it.  When she went to help him, he did pull a gun on her.

Then there was a time when she was driving and a drunk drove in front of her.  She hit him and he was hurt,  So, she called an ambulance.  He sued her and now she’s broke.

She had never had much money.   She stood 5’4” tall and weighed 95 pounds, was quickly loosing that weight and turning blue.  There seemed to be no one out there that needed her.

So, she robbed a bank and lived happily after.


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