State Farm’s “I’ll Be There” Campaign – Leaving Floridians With A Bad Taste

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Ever since the American Idol finale, I have seen the State Farm commercial with the words “I’ll be there” constantly playing (Three times today already). It is a great and touching commercial, but I bet a lot of Floridians are getting a bad taste whenever they see it. “Nothing is more important than being there” is stated in the commercial, well….

In February State Farm announced that after insuring homes in Florida for more than 60 years, they were forced to pull out, as the company would risk insolvency, if it continued to write policies in South Florida. According to the Sun-Sentinel State Farm executives are claiming that they want out of Florida, because they have been denied a rate increase by the state government.

State Farm apparently gave the more than 1.2 million policy holders in Florida 180 days to find new insurance, and ever since I have heard of many people struggling to find another insurance. My husband has dealt with this issue through his job as he manages many apartment buildings, and together with the owner he has had to find new insurance for all the properties. One of the conditions for being signed up at the new company, is that the roof on one of the buildings has to be replaced, which is not a cheap affair. For an owner of many properties this is a big issue, but surely it is not as big of an issue as for those families, who get the same message about their family home.

State Farm further announced that they would continue to write auto policies, something that again was received with very mixed feelings here in Florida.

I remember seeing Governor Crist stating on television that State Farm should not be allowed to sell auto policies in Florida, if they decided to pull out of the housing market. However, according to the Insurance Journal, Governor Crist just gave State Farm the Governor’s Hurricane Conference Corporate Award this month for “innovation and achievement in public awareness and mitigation advocacy.”

Is it me or does this seem completely ridiculous, after the company has decided to leave it’s loyal Floridian customers behind?


If you have not seen the commercial already you can find it here. State Farm – I’ll Be There.








What would you do, if your insurance company of many years decided to quit on you? What would you do, if in order to get a new insurance policy you would have to replace your roof, or spend thousands of dollars on other repairs to your home?


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