State of the Union 2012: Populism, American Pride and a Gauntlet Thrown

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Obama just finished the 2012 State of the Union Speech. He delivered the speech advance word said he would… a populist message of solidarity with the American people, a strong statement of his pride as an American and he threw down his gauntlet before those who already once trashed America’s economy and would retake their positions to do it again.

He told America that it was patently and profoundly unfair for the economic powers of Wall Street to create bad mortgages, bet on their failure, and leave the American people to pay the tab. As an example of efforts to protect the American consumer he pointed to the new regulations that make it impossible for them to do it again that were enacted at his administration’s behest. Those regulations, by the way, are now decried by the Republicans in Congress as too stringent. But most strongly he emphasized the unfairness of the division of wealth and taxes in the USA. The President pointed to statistics that the disparity between the wealthiest few hundred Americans and the next 150 million Americans is unreasonably great. President Obama said it was time and past time that some of that wealth be used to pay down the national debt.

In this State of the Union Message, the President also emphasized his commitment to his promises. It took a little longer than he thought it would, but the troops are out of Iraq, and coming home from Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden is dead, and al Qaida is in disarray.

But his strongest segment came as he laid out his successes in bringing the USA back from the brink of depression. He built upon that with specific recommendations for bringing jobs home, discouraging the outsourcing of jobs and changing the tax structure to get the war and the stimulus paid for.

Finally, he used the 2012 State of the Union message to tell the Republican Party that their obstructionism would not stultify progress in any area where he had the legal latitude to act directly through Executive Orders or by other procedural means. In short, the President threw down the gauntlet, challenging his opponents to “bring it on.” He made it clear that they will have to defend their continuing philosophy of building an America in which all the available wealth is concentrated in the hands of the very few.

This speech was exactly as advertised… populist, prideful of America and a ringing challenge to his opponents… in short; it was confrontational, prideful and challenging—far more a campaign speech than a State of the Union address.

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