State of the Union time for President Obama’s 2010 Address speech

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Tonight, President Barack Obama will hold his 2010 State of the Union Address, and it will be televised live on many major TV networks.  The State of the Union time will be 9 PM EST, and the speech is likely to last under an hour in total length.  According to Huffington Post, the most recent State of the Union Address speech over an hour came back in 2000, with Bill Clinton’s hour and a half talk to the nation.

According to reports, the speech by Obama will cover topics including domestic issues such as healthcare reform and controlling government spending.  It’s been said that the President will also call for a three-year freeze on discretionary spending in next year’s federal budget.  Defense and military spending, medicare, and social security are not said to be affected by this, while various programs in education, science and social services are likely to be affected.

The State of the Union time is officially set for 9PM EST on most major networks including ABC, CBS, and NBC.  If you can’t get to a television or prefer to watch on your internet, there is coverage at, or through Hulu at the video stream below which is currently in countdown mode.

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