State of the Union

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You have a job, you have a house payment.

Then, you loose your job because the CEO of the company needs 11 million a year instead of 10 million.

You draw unemployment, but is still can’t keep you a float with the mortgage because the Government raised your property tax again because they can’t control their spending or get by with what they already had, yet they expect you to get by with less by raising your taxes.

So, you have to get that new government mortgage loan to get a better finance charge.

Now you go out looking for a job, but wait you can’t get one because for some strange reason companies like to hire base on your credit score instead of your past capabilities.

Your credit score dropped because of having to go with the government mortgage loan.

Seems fair doesn’t it?

What does anyone’s credit score have to do with their capability to work?

This country has gone straight to h…

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