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Folks, I am just going to have to stay put here in Penang for the time being. It would be massively stupid for me to put a 25 kilo backpack on, get on a bus and head off for a several hour bus ride to the Highlands at this point. I just don't have it in me, my ribs hurt too badly. And yes, for those motherly types out there (and I am not being condescending, I appreciate you concerns) I have been to the doctor twice and had two x-rays. So, I'm going to stay put and relax. Now, if I could just find a hotel that wasn't infested with rats (at least they aren't as huge as the ones in Medan, hell, they were bigger than the cats there and would probably eat them if they could, and mosquitoes I might be a bit more comfortable. Alas, I also have to stay on budget. Sigh.

On a side note: both Firefox and Gmail really suck here in Asia. Just thought you'd like to know that. For some reason Safari works great, however and I haven't tried Google's Chrome, as I don't think they have a Mac version yet.

Update: So I way wimped out and moved hotels. Same price, different location, no creepy crawlies and a nicer toilet. Usually that stuff doesn't phase me, but right now I'm just so not in the mood. I imagine after three months of pretty intense travel, and after the emotional let down of leaving Toba I need a little oasis of peace. Not to mention I have a 2,000 word travel article due in 24 hours.

Update 2: Ok, so I went and got a third opinion and a third x-ray. Nothing is broken. I guess the thing which really scared me was the bruising showed up yesterday. Ten days for bruising to show up? I asked the doctor about this and he said, while not normal, it wasn't abnormal. Barring an MRI, which I am not going to pay for, everything looks and sounds (as in no punctured or torn lungs, et etc. . . ) fine. The doctor was very thorough and complete and gave me a serious once over. I have no fever, which means no internal injuries, as I'd pretty much be septic at this point if I did, anyway, or dead. And how much did all this cost? $25. What would all that have cost back home?

Anyhow, enough editorializing, I'm going to hang in Penang for two or three nights more and then move on to the Cameron Highlands. Just thought all the moms out there would want to know.

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