Stem-Cell Burger Coming Soon: Will You Eat One?

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A strange-sounding stem-cell burger is coming soon, and if the price wasn’t $330,000 would you eat one? The positive thing about this strange-sounding creation is that livestock are not treated unethically in its creation.

Stem-Cell Burger Coming Soon: Will you Eat One?What could be better? You can not eat unethical meat, but you do not have to become a vegetarian. A University of Maastricht professor named Dr. Mark Post is working to create the stem-cell burger using bovine stem cells. Of course, at this point, the cost is prohibitive, but eventually it could come down. Do you think it would be healthy?

The good doctor will unveil his strange, pinkish-yellowish burger in October at the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Vancouver. This is certainly something to look forward to even if it does sound just a bit too science fiction to be real. It’s real, and it’s coming soon.

Dr. Post said, “Meat consumption is going to double in the next 40 years or so, so we need to come up with alternatives to solve the land issue.” It sounds like this new burger would be good not only for animals, but also for the environment. If it is also good for health, this could just be the wave of the future for food, but it will likely be a couple of decades before the process is cheap enough to become widespread.

Do you think you would ever eat this type of meat in the future? Yum, a stem-cell burger. Sounds nearly as American as a hamburger.

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