Stephanie Davies Wardrobe Malfunction Caught in Photos After British Soap Awards 2012

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A Stephanie Davies wardrobe malfunction occurred after the recent British Soap Awards 2012 event. The actress was seen kissing a male model afterwords and ended up showing off a bit too much skin from her backside.

According to a report from Daily Mail, the 18-year-old actress was stunning earlier in the evening wearing a “sweeping black gown and diamond drop earrings.” However, she went from stunning to sloppy later on when she was photgraphed making out with male model Jay Camilleri.

Apparently as Davies kissed Camilleri, her micro-mini dress rode up, exposing her derriere to all of the photographers in the area. As of this report, there hadn’t been any comments from Davies on her Twitter account about the incident. Talk about a photo op for eager paparazzi and other media members!

The Daily Mail report also notes that rain made her fake tan start to “dribble down her legs,” which left her ankles dark orange. It was certainly a messy night for the Hollyoaks actress, who previously tweeted she was going to have an “amazing night!”

However, as some commenters on the article have noted, everyone has one of these embarrassing moments at some point in their lives. The difference here is hers happened with throngs of photographers crowded around. Sometimes it’s better to save the enthusiastic displays of affection for a less public place, especially when wearing such a short outfit!

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