Stephen Colbert Bashes UFO Expert Leslie Kean (Video)

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On Monday’s Colbert Report, Leslie Kean, a UFO expert and author of a new book, had to take a little heat from Stephen Colbert about her claims that very respectable people such as Generals, pilots and prominent politicians have witnessed real UFOs and are slowly going on the record with their accounts. Naturally, it’s all in her book.

Titled “UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record” the book, 10 years in the making, claims that more and more respectable officials are close to revealing that, while UFOs may not be extra-terrestrial, they certainly are real. And that she is calling on governments around the world to reveal the secret files they are all hiding from public view. But Stephen wasn’t buying.

In this YouTube video of the segment below, Colbert is obviously skeptical. In his usual way he cuts right through the bluster and found out that these officials may not be as prominent as advertised. “Real Generals?” he asks, “or like, Captain Crunch?”

See for yourself how the issue is skirted but the result is the same as with every author trying to tease readers with ultimately non-issues: buy the book and find out for yourself.

Kean does score points for brazenness. It’s obvious that SHE believes it. As evidence she points to the famous UFO incident over Chicago’s O’Hare airport in November of 2006, claiming thousands of people witnessed the event. And that the video is all over the web.

Despite an hour of scouring, it’s nowhere to be found. At least a video that isn’t obviously faked.

Just like UFOs…


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