Stephen Colbert Demonstrates Ignorance of a Child

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Late night Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert seems to think that Paul Ryan, because he once read a book, has devoted his entire economic philosophy toward a making a fictional novel a reality. The book is “Atlas Shrugged,” by Ayn Rand, and according to Mr. Colbert, Paul Ryan must be a “true believer” in Rand and her “Objectivism” philosophy. But like all liberals, the Comedy Central host picked through a few quotes, put them together, and presented a false impression of the Republican Vice Presidential candidate.

Going further, Mr. Colbert, in a move that revealed his own hatred and ignorance toward the facts, stated that the proposed “Republican budget is essentially ‘Paul Ryan’s own work of Ayn Rand fan fiction.'” But while the comedian makes quips, he fails to back up his claims with any facts.

Paul Ryan’s proposed budget is an adult solution to the problems created by liberal politicians who have for too long acted like children. Like children, Liberal Democrats have no real sense of economics, or even where money comes from. Mr. Colbert certainly does not. He is one of the children who whine and cry about everything that adults are forced to do to make the country safe and strong. He is one of the infantile liberals who want everything, but do not want to pay for anything.

Liberal Democrats have been acting like teenagers who think it is funny to run out of a restaurant without paying for their food. Of course they believe that they just got a free meal, and may even laugh about it, but they really just stole money from the waitress who will most likely have to pay for their actions. In the end, someone always has to pay and it is usually the little guy.

Stephen Colbert may attempt to present his attacks as humorous anecdotes, but they are really the rantings of a child who is being told “no” for the first time. Paul Ryan’s proposed budget is not a piece of fiction, it is what needs to be done if American society and its social safety nets are to be saved. Ryan’s proposal is the shot in the arm that America needs right now, but children never want to get their shots, do they Mr. Colbert?

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