Stephen Colbert Gets Honorary Degree from Northwestern University

Stephen Colbert will be getting an honorary degree from Northwestern University. The college also happens to be his alma mater so if you ever wanted an honorary degree from your old college, become rich and famous.

The event has been scheduled for June 17 and will take place at Northwestern University’s campus. Stephen will be just one of several honorary degree recipients. Some of the other recipients there will be William Schabas, Jessye Norman and Barbar Liskov. Chances are Colbert will be the most widely recognized celebrity at the event.

There isn’t any word about what his honorary degree will be in. However, that is an insignificant detail when one looks at the whole picture. Stephen Colbert is undoubtedly very excited and he should be. It’s not everyday your old school phones you up to say, “Hey, want an honorary degree?” Yeah, life’s pretty good for The Colbert Report host.

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