Stephen Colbert Leads Huntsman in SC – Promises ‘Special Announcement’

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Stephen Colbert was just as surprised as voters when he found out he was projected as a winner over Jon Huntsman in the upcoming South Carolina primary. So, on Wednesday night, he promised a “special announcement” on his Thursday show. What could it be?

Likely voters in Colbert’s home state of South Carolina were asked if they would vote for their native son if he was a candidate, and, surprisingly, he garnered 5% of the pool. That beat Jon Huntsman’s 4% and immediately set tongues wagging in the political pundits-o-phere.

Stephen Colbert is well-known for playing an ultra right wing Republican on TV, but his personal politics remain a closely guarded, private secret. And his gigantic (though lovable) ego, love for fame and lust for money knows no bounds.

He was successful recently in creating his own political slush fund (otherwise known as a Super PAC) and has popped up in some surprising politically tinged situations before.

Remember his famous speech at the 2006 White House Press Corps Dinner? It even lead to whispers that Colbert is actually (gasp!) a closet Democrat.

So what could he possibly be hiding up his sleeve? Will he be announcing a candidacy for President? Is that even possible at this early (meaning late) stage of the electoral process?

What do you think? Do you know enough about Draconian election rules to say if Stephen Colbert has a plausible chance of jumping into the race?

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