Stephen Colbert NASA Victory

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Stephen Colbert showed even NASA is no match for him and his loyal followers as today his name was the top winner in the competition to name the new wing of the International Space Station. Much hyped on his show The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert asked his rabid fans to submit his name on NASA’s website, beating out second place (and NASA’s suggested choice) Serenity by nearly 40 thousand votes.

In retrospect, victory seems all but assured for Stephen Colbert; NASA never had a chance. But as a closet Sci-Fi (or should I say “SyFy”?) fan, I feel I’m outing myself by pointing out Serenity was the name of the ship from Joss Whedon’s ill-fated show Firefly. And I’m wondering if NASA took that into consideration when they selected that name.

If so, then NASA might have inadvertently pitted two groups of nerds against each other: The Joss Whedon fans against the fans of Stephen Colbert. NASA might have actually caused a schism among nerd-kind as I’m sure there’s a strong overlap between the fan bases of the two. But it appears those nerds who enjoy political satire have won out. Which is a good thing since they do seem the meatier of the two groups and would definitely clean up in a nerd-brawl.

So let us all congratulate Stephen Colbert in defeating NASA.  I’m sure he’ll enjoy looking down on the rest of us from space, if in name only.

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