Stephen Colbert of ‘The Colbert Report’ abrubtly suspends production!

Stephen Colbert of the “The Colbert Report” comedy show has been suspended. Now comes speculation as to why. After other comedians like Jay Leno, and David Letterman receivced death threats, one cannot help but speculate.

Rumors are the Stephen Colbert will be back on the air soon, but in the meantime, Colbert’s Show is suspended. The Colbert Report is owned by Viacom, so I have to wonder.

Recently, Viacom was the target of a nut job terrorist, so are the two tied together? Stephen Colbert is a bit of a trouble maker, but as a comedian he is funny. One must give the devil his due.

So does anyone know why Stephen Colbert and his “The Colbert Report” has been suspended?


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