Stephen Hawking discusses theory of universe with Larry King

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UPDATE: Stephen Hawking meets on Larry King to debate with critically acclaimed metaphysical expert Robert Spitzer. Both are pitted against each other on the existence of the universe; theistic versus atheistic creation. The interview was a lively discussion covering topics like possible time travel. Hawking mentioned that according to Einstein’s special theory of relativity there leaves a possibility for time travel! All in all, it was a very eye opening discussion based on his new book.

Stephen Hawking, one of the most popular physicists has co-authored a new book “The Grand Design” which is making very strong statements about the universe, existence, and creation. The book delves into the essential questions of science, life, it’s meaning and many paradoxes.

One of the culminating ideas in the book, is the all-inclusive theory of the universe which is referred to as the M-theory. The book uses an analogy to this M-theory comparing it to a world map which in itself is insufficient of covering the entire world with its limitations. That’s why many theories are stringed into the M-theory, where there are situations of overlap in explaining the universe’s essence.

Generally, the viewpoint from the famed physicist is that the world is simply not understood by direct observation, yet is calculated and internally modeled by our minds, which gives credit to all the theories that have risen before us. In this way, the sciences can explain the same things in a calculated way that would be valid to many different viewpoints.

All of the paradoxes and life’s mysteries are addressed in “The Grand Design” in a very bold manner, making it something of a metaphysical politicking given the level of understanding that these very complicated matters require. For physicists and fawning scientists it is a must read. Surely, it will be fodder for debate among those who enjoy concrete and bold writing on subjects that are essential yet so out of reach to common understanding.

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