Steubenville Rapists Found Guilty

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Steubenville, Ohio is a Midwest football town. Trent Mays and Ma’Lik Richmond, two members of the highly respected football team, also members of the “Rape Crew,” have been adjudicated delinquent in court Sunday for the crime of rape. This is the same as being found guilty in adult court.

The charges stemmed from an August incident where the two boy carried a drunken 16-year-old girl to and from several parties, where they repeatedly “digitally penetrated” her, allowing pictures to be taken and passed around via social media. There was a video made by another student, Michael Nodianos, after the incident, where he went on a drunken rant, saying horrible and disgusting things, which would surely not make his parents proud of the boy they’ve raised. That video was made public by the hacktivist group “Anonymous,” requesting an apology to the girl and her family or there would be a massive release of the public information of all those involved.

Both boys tearfully apologized for what they had done as Mays was ordered held in a juvenile facility for at least two years, while Richmond will be in one for at least one year. Hopefully, in this, these boys learn a thing or two about respecting your fellow human being. This situation seems vaguely reminiscent of the Lifetime movie, She Fought Alone, with the addition of social media to blow it up to this scale.

How did it this case get to such an extreme? It seems that several adults knew about this situation shortly after it happened, yet none of them did anything about it. It also seems that the boys’ parents are some of the “higher ranking” citizens of Steubenville, while the victim and her family are not, which may have hindered prosecution. At least it wasn’t totally swept under the rug, like so many other instances like this likely are.

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