Steve Carell Talks About Fatherhood, Despicable Me

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Steve Carell departs from his usual nerdy, goofy persona in his newest role as Gru in the animated film Despicable Me, set to be released this Friday, July 9.  While he’s best known for his character on The Office, Michael Scott, Carell took the opportunity to play a villain-turned-father, much like the role (well, at least the father part) that he plays off-screen with his two children, Annie, 9, and Johnny, 6, with wife Nancy Carell.

When asked about the film, Carell told BabyCenter, “It’s the quintessential becoming a parent. That to me is really the story. It’s someone who has their life structured the way they want it to be – or they think they want it to be – and then you introduce kids and everything changes. You can’t explain to someone who’s about to have kids how it’s going to change. You just can’t. It changes everything about how you feel about yourself and your work and your life, and how you view the world around you. It’s so overwhelming and to watch a super villain go through it was sort of funny.”

What a great way to explain parenthood.  I see so many people with their set routine have their world turned upside down when a child enters the picture, myself included.  From the sound of things, this is a film that will appeal to children and parents alike.  I know I’m eager to see the film!

Despicable Me is rated G, and co-stars Jason Segel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall), Julie Andrews (Sound of Music), Russell Brand (Get Him to the Greek) and Will Arnett (Arrested Development).  For locations and showtimes, click here.


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