Steve Driver Movies Big Business After Death of Stephen Clancy Hill (Video)

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Steve Driver movies promise to be big business after the dramatic death of Stephen Clancy Hill. The porn star known as Steve Driver attacked three co-stars with a machete, fled and wound up throwing himself off a cliff to his death during a police standoff. Formally unknown, now everyone is searching to find out more about Steve Driver movies.

The LA Times reports porn actor Stephen Clancy Hill, 34, went on a stabbing spree with a machete prop at a video production company. One adult film actor (Tom Dong a/k/a Herbert Wong) was killed and two were wounded. After the incidents, Stephen Clancy Hill fled. Can you imagine someone wielding a machete at your job?

The police found Stephen Clancy Hil and surrounded him near the edge of a West Hills cliff. He continually threatened to kill himself for almost eight hours. Deputy Chief Kirk Albanese oversaw the incident as police and crisis negotiators tried to subdue and apprehend Stephen Clancy Hill.

At 5:30 PM, Stephen Clancy Hill threw himself over the cliff. He was pronounced dead by waiting paramedics after the 50 foot fall. Albanese stated, “He was bent on taking his own life. It’s very unfortunate. We wanted this to end a different way.”

Steve Driver movies never reached the popularity Stephen Clancy Hill craved while he was alive. Rumors say he was asked to leave the production company and his living arrangements with another porn actor prior to the machete incident. Unfortunately, more folks are looking for Steve Driver movies as a result of these tragic circumstances.

Here is a video of Stephen Clancy Hill falling from the cliff to a sad demise:


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